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Imagine being in a fun environment where over drinks you learn how to make money without hiding or shame, surrounded by peers at an exclusive location.

This is exactly what you will experience at Stripped Down.

We are a threefold event:

1. Dope party: It’s going to be a fun time with drinks, Dallas’ best music, and even better people.

2. Luxury experience: You’ll get goodies and pampering from a number of Dallas’ most sought after companies. Think grab bags full of goodies, personal massages, and of course delicious food and cocktails! And then some!

3. Learn how to keep your money: There is little guidance and help for those who work as entertainers. This is a chance for those in industry to get real help and answers. Get to know entertainers who are killing it in the industry and learn their tips, tricks, and trade secrets first-hand. Also, you’ll meet people who aren’t in the industry, who will help you succeed in other ways whether its clientele, finances, or exit strategies. Regardless of who you’ll network with, you'll come out stronger and better.

Exotic dancers, cammers, escorts, porn stars and BDSM professionals are all welcome!